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Claros Penthouse and accessibility

Posted by Pekka Lerssi on 30/01/2017
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09-kopio Please take a look of our example images and details above.

Claros Los Bolicehes penthouse apartment has recently been completely renovated. The aim of the design was completed to serve the necessities of families and couples, but also senior clients using a walker or wheelchair.


Impaired mobility requirements are very different. As a result, it is almost impossible to design an apartment to serve all the users with physical disabilities. In any case, we believe we have managed to attain an ideally suited accessible apartment for physical disabilities. In addition, our holiday apartment is located in a central location in southern Spain.

In the following chapters there are more detailed information and constraints related to the topic:

Claros Penthouse hissi

Claros Penthouse Elevator 120x120cm

Environmental Accessibility: The city centre of Fuengirola and the area of los Boliches, is in particular during winter time one of Europe’s warmest regions. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for barrier-free holidays and for holidaymakers travelling on foot, walker or wheelchair. Also, the city has invested heavily in recent years for accessibility.
Our apartment is located in a safe environment and even the nearest supermarket (only 50 meters away) is completely barrier-free. The beautiful green park begins just less than 100 meters away from the gate, with benches, exercise equipment, petanque track etc. Our property and pool are fenced.

Spanish culture has a great respect for elderly. Even young greets and politely open the doors and gates etc.


Property Accessibility: Espanjalainen img_20160901_141735522 In the past, Spanish legislation recognized the demands for accessibility in apartment buildings poorly. For example, it is difficult to find an apartment with a wheelchair friendly bathroom design or elevators. The front gate to our apartment contains sloping ramp with handrails and unusually large elevator. Elevator is 120x120cm and the doorway is 80 cm wide.

Claros penthouse apartment’s accessibility has been taken into consideration, specifically in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen implementation. The width of our apartment’s doorways is 90 cm and partly 80 cm. The master bedroom and the bathroom doors have been changed with sliding doors to ensure the usability. Terrace access has been made easier with ramps. The coat hangers, mirrors etc., are mounted so that they can be used from a wheelchair.

Bathrooms feature shower chairs, fixed version grab rails in the walls and a solid shower possibilities with hand showers. The toilet seat is equipped with a removable platform element ( a sturdy one). The design of the sauna set their own limitations but works reasonably accessible with people with light disabilities. Kitchen stove and sink takes into account the state of the walker or a wheelchair. Kitchen dining table, as well as patio furniture for the dining table, also allows wheelchair access. The oven, dishwasher and the use of multiple sockets can also be used while sitting in a wheelchair.
The apartment’s terrace is running to a separate bedroom with its own in-suite shower. It is a practical solution for families travelling with different age groups, or people with a personal assistant.

 Available accessories

Additional bed support

Extra Accessories and services: Our apartment’s standard equipment includes a sauna, a bathroom with separate shower chair, toilet seat platform, the transition board (the chair bed). The necessary equipment will be available free of charge. We also arrange the rental equipment such as additional handles, a walker, a wheelchair, an additional handrail bed etc. If necessary, we can also arrange professional assistance for the elderly or reduced mobility. We also offer extra cleaning service, support services, airport transfers, etc.

See Youtube video regarding wheelchair in Claros Penthouse. You can open it by pressing  THIS

Write or call and ask about the suitability of our apartments and our services. Regards Maarit & Risto

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